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[texts]Wund 7 M.zip. 007
Keywords: fenn
Downloads: 14
[movies]The Unnamed 2011 - George and Ivan Fenn
Solstice 2010 and 2011 Halloween-Solstice
Keywords: Paul Fenn
Downloads: 19
[audio]Kevin 2
Keywords: fenn podcat
[texts]Reminiscences of the life and character of Elam Fenn, and Lydia, his wife : with a brief survey of the times in which they lived - Griggs, Leverett Stearns

Keywords: Fenn, Elam, 1797-1884; Fenn, Lydia, 1797-1873; Fenn family
Downloads: 137
[texts]Annals of a clerical family, being some account of the family and descendants of William Venn, vicar of Otterton, Devon, 1600-1621 - Venn, John, 1834-1923
26 43
Keywords: Fenn family; Venn family
Downloads: 1,513
[audio]Taxim Athinelko Ke Zeimbekiko.aiff - Yiorgis Batis
Rembetiko Fenn Cyprus
Keywords: Fenn Cyprus Rembettico Rembetico Rembetiko
Downloads: 50
[texts]Catalogue of the very interesting and important collection of autograph letters and mss. formed many years since by Sir John Fenn, Knt., editor of the Paston letters ... : which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson ... Leicester Square ... on Monday, July 16th, 1866, and two following days - Puttick and Simpson
1001 lots
Keywords: Fenn, John, 1739-1794; Autographs
Downloads: 85
[audio]Writing And Movements Leaving Academics And Paris Review Et Al - The Local Organon
W.R. Baker and Paul Fenn discuss intellectual independence and marginality.
Keywords: Paul Fenn; W.R. Baker; Paris Review
Downloads: 3
[audio]Baker Love Read By Paul May 25 2013 - Local.org
Paul Fenn reads W.R. Baker poem, May 2013
Keywords: W.R. Baker; Paul Fenn; Accountable Publishing
Downloads: 13
[movies]Teaser to the Unnamed - Music and Film 2011 - Paul, Julia, George, Ivan
For Janeane and Takis Constantinou, Solstice, 2011
Keywords: Marshall; Larnaca; Roberts; Whiteman; Fenn; Constantinou; Steuart
Downloads: 159 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]My patients. Being the notes of a working surgeon, and adventures of working men - Fenn, George Manville, 1831-1909
Book digitized by Google from the library of Oxford University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Fenn, George Manville, 1831-1909; Physicians
Downloads: 116
[texts]To the West - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
At fifteen hours this is a fairly long book for this author. It starts with two young men working as clerks in the offices of a tyrannical auctioneer. Fed up with his unpleasant behaviour they give up their jobs and determine to set out for British Columbia. To get there they must take passage in a ship going round the Horn, and up to San Francisco. Then they have to make their way further up the coast to their destination...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; West; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 838
[texts]'Tention - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
A young private, Penton Gray, known as Pen, is injured during an engagement in the Peninsular War. When he comes to he finds that the boy bugler, Punch, from his regiment, is lying injured close by. The British troops are near, but the area where the boys are is occupied by the French, who are the enemy. The boys need to recover from their wounds, and then to get back to their regiment. They have numerous adventures, and meet several people who help them, including the deposed Spanish King...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Tention; HTML; PDF
Downloads: 804
[texts]Charge! - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
The earliest European settlers in South Africa were mostly Dutch. They were known as Boers, the Dutch word for farmer. They were doing well, and even though the British had come to rule the country, their comfortable and profitable existence was all that most of them wanted. However, an Irishman of the name of Moriarty thought otherwise, and urged them to rebel against the British, simply because there is a class of Irish people that enjoy fights, and the English are their nearest neighbours, an...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Charge; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 451
[audio]The Dark House - George Manville Fenn
LibriVox recording of The Dark House by George Manville Fenn. Read by Lucy Burgoyne. An extremely wealthy but reclusive man has died, leaving an eccentric will which hints at great riches hidden somewhere in the house. Most of the people at the reading of the will did not know the deceased in person, but had received kindnesses from him, for instance by the payment of school and university fees. The principal beneficiary, a great-nephew, also did not know him...
Keywords: fiction; fenn; mystery; crime; audiobooks; librivox
Downloads: 57,651 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[movies]Local Dot Org Radio Blog - The Local Organon - Local.org
Keywords: Paul Fenn; Charles Schultz; Christopher Britt; Tom Fendlay; Charles Thompson
Downloads: 199 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Nat the Naturalist - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Nat's mother and father have died, and he is being brought up by an aunt and uncle, the latter being his mother's brother. His aunt does not care at all for boys, and in particular makes sniping remarks at Nat the whole time. But Nat's uncle is very fond of him, and they are great friends. But enter the aunt's brother, a famous naturalist, back from some trip in South America. Nat, who has already shown great interest in collecting specimens from nature, is enthralled, helps him to stuff and cat...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Nat; Naturalist; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 499
[texts]Marcus, the Young Centurion - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Marcus is eighteen, and his father had been a great Roman General, Cracis, who had fallen from grace some years before and was living quietly, farming in a small way in southern Italy. An old ex-soldier, Serge, works on the farm, and is helping to bring Marcus up. Marcus would like to be a soldier, and is encouraged in this by Serge, but his father has forbidden any discussion of the topic. One day a stranger comes to the door...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Marcus; Young; Centurion; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 394
[texts]Through Forest and Stream - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
The book is apparently quite genuinely by George Manville Fenn, judging by its style and content. Yet it does not appear on any list of his books, and copies of it seem to be very rare. For that reason we have not been able to put a verified publication date on the book. It does not even appear in the British Library's catalogue, indicating that it was possibly not registered for copyright. It is fairly short, taking but three hours to read aloud...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Forest; Stream; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 622
[texts]Gil the Gunner - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is a very long book from this author. Gilbert Vincent, very young at the time, joins the army to serve in India. Various battles and engagements take place, as a result of which Gil gets injuries, and spends a lot of time unconscious or recovering. At one stage he is captured by the local Rajah, who is extremely wealthy, and who takes a shine to our hero, making sure that he is treated extremely well by his domestic servants...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Gil; Gunner; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 445
[texts]A Dash from Diamond City - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
The setting is South Africa, during the Boer war. Two young men are sent from Mafeking with important despatches which they have to get back to the General at Kimberley, travelling through Boer-occupied country, and meeting with many mishaps. Just before they finally arrive they are both severely wounded, and are unconscious for a fortnight. Luckily the despatches, which had been sewn into a jacket, now filthy and blood-stained, are still to be found, though there had been the idea that the jack...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Dash; Diamond; City; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 426
[texts]The Queen's Scarlet - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
The 17-year old Sir Richard Frayne, Baronet, and his cousin Mark, are both at a coach for the Army exam, after which, if successful, they would join the Army as officers. But Mark is seen to be a cad and liar, and there is a fight between them, Mark being apparently dead. Dick, who is a good musician, goes off with his flute in its case, intending to make his way to a city where there is an Army barracks and a Naval port, presumably Chatham, since we are in Kent...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Queen's; Scarlet; PDF; HTML; ZIP; TXT
Downloads: 380
[texts]Fire_Island - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is good vintage Fenn, with dreadful situation following dreadful situation, and the heroes (mostly) managing to get out of it somehow. Right up to the last chapter the reader never knows how the problems that throw themselves upon a little group of naturalists and the sailors that brought them to the island on which all these frightening events occur, will be solved. George Manville Fenn lived from 1831 to 1909, and was a prolific writer of boys' adventure stories...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Fire; Island; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 316
[texts]In Honour's Cause - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This book is set in the Court of George the First, a Hanoverian King who was not very popular. To make himself feel more comfortable he had introduced into his Court a number of German people, and also Dutch ones. The hero of the story is 17-year old Frank Gowan, who is a page in the ante-room of the Prince of Wales, the King's eldest son. His father is an officer in the King's Guard. Another page is Andrew, whose father is pro-Jacobite, as Andrew is himself...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Honour's; Cause; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 286
[texts]Begumbagh, a story of the Indian Mutiny, and other stories - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This book of short stories is an excellent read in the usual Fenn style of suspense. "How does he get out of this one?" is always in the reader's mind. Most of the book is taken up with a story about the plight of the British members of a small garrison, during the Indian Mutiny. The second story is about half as long, and is a well-written and extremely plausible story about a house owned by an old gentleman of ancient lineage, where there is a collection of gold plate which was said to be an "...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Begumbagh; incubus; PDF; HTML; ZIP; TXT
Downloads: 518
[texts]First in the Field - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Here we have another George Manville Fenn book, full of realistic characters who get into positions of great suspense--the usual formula for this excellent author. The time of the story is the early part of the nineteenth century, and the place is, for most of the book, a sheep and cattle station in New South Wales. The owner is a former Doctor who had practised in London, and who had driven himself to illness with his work: the only possibility for him was a new outdoor life...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; First; Field; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 358
[texts]Bluejackets; or, The Log of the Teaser - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Another very exciting nautical novel by this author, who is a master of suspense. HMS Teaser, a clipper-gunboat, is patrolling the China Seas on the lookout for pirates. At the time of the story she has proceeded up the Nyho river, and is at anchor off the city of Nyho. The teller of the story is one of three young midshipmen, Nathaniel Herrick. A most important character is Ching, the Chinese interpreter, who would love to be much more important than he is...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Bluejackets; Log; Teaser; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 582
[texts]Fitz the Filibuster - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Another well-written book of nautical adventure by a writer who is a master of suspense. Our hero is a young midshipman called Fitzgerald Burnett, but always known as Fitz. The warship in which he serves is on Channel Patrol, and they are on the lookout for a smuggler who is running arms to a friendly Central American small Republic. They get more caught up in the struggle that is going on in that country, and so take part in several small fights and other tense situations...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Fitz; Filibuster; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 247
[texts]Middy and Ensign - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This was the first Manville Fenn book I ever encountered, and I loved it at first sight. So much so that I had put nearly fifty of his books on the website within a couple of years, although, writing in 2005, two years ago I had never heard of Manville Fenn. HMS Startler is on patrol up the Parang River in the Malay peninsula. On board are the midshipman, Bob Roberts, and the ensign, Tom Long. Their friendly bickering goes on throughout the book...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Middy; Ensign; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 566
[texts]The Powder Monkey - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is a very short book, probably intended for a younger market than most of Fenn's books. An old seaman finds a ragged and hungry young boy, to whom he talks, finding out that the boy was being brought up by an aunt and her brother. The uncle used to beat the boy too severely to bear, and he had run away from home. The seaman, Jack Jeens, decides to take charge of the boy, but both of them are taken by the press-gang, and end up serving on HMS Victory...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Powder; Monkey; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 560
[texts]The Ocean Cat's-Paw - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Here we have a full-length book by an excellent author at the very top of his powers. The time is set at the end of the Napoleonic War, and continues into the ensuing peace. The young hero is first found fishing in a Dartmoor stream, when he is interrupted by the arrival of a young Frenchman, who, it turns out, has just escaped from Dartmoor, where the prisoners-of-war were being kept. Rodd helps him to hide from pursuit...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Ocean; Cat's-Paw; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 492
[texts]Glyn Severn's Schooldays - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Glyn Severn and the Maharajah of Dour, both about 15 or 16, have been sent together to an English Boarding School. Glyn's father has been for many years a Colonel in the Maharajah's father's army, but now the old Maharajah is dead, and his son, known at school as "Singh", has inherited the title. The Colonel is Singh's guardian. There are the usual schoolboyish rivalries and fights, in particular involving a nasty individual called Slegge...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Glyn; Severn; Schooldays; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 342
[texts]Sappers and Miners - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This must be one of Manville Fenn's very best books. The suspense is totally gripping, right to the very end. Normally Fenn places his moments of terror at the very end of a chapter, so that this book with 52 chapters must have quite a few of them. When preparing this book for publication on the web, the editor was truly sorry when the work ended, so greatly had he enjoyed every moment of it. The action takes place in Cornwall, in and around an old tin-mine, possibly dating back to Roman and Pho...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Sappers; Miners; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 359
[texts]Bunyip Land - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Joe Carstairs is a boy on a farm in Australia. His father is a keen naturalist who, some years before had set off for New Guinea in search of specimens, and never been heard of again. Joe is old enough to mount a search expedition, and takes with him a local doctor and an aboriginal worker on his farm. They find themselves joined by a stowaway, Jimmy, whose father is a squatter (farmer) nearby, together with his dog, Gyp...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Bunyip; Land; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 356
[texts]The Crystal Hunters - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
A tense tale, such as we expect of George Manville Fenn. A group of English people are in the Swiss Alps. But it is not just the beauties of the scenery they are after, but crystals which may sometimes be found in caves near the top of the glaciers. They manage to find a guide who promises to be discreet about what they do. But someone else is on the mountain, and he is just as interested in what they are up to, and what they find, as they are themselves...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Crystal; Hunters; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 358
[texts]Off to the Wilds - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
The setting is the northern part of what is now South Africa, in the middle of the nineteenth century. Mr. Rogers is a British settler in South Africa, a "cottage farmer". The earlier Dutch farmers and settlers are called Boers. The two teenage sons, Jack and Dick, have often asked if they could all go out on a trek to visit the northern parts of the country, for a natural history collecting expedition...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Off; Wilds; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 468
[texts]A Life's Eclipse - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is a short book by G.M. Fenn's usual standards, but you will enjoy reading it. The hero is John Grange, a young gardener on Mrs. Mostyn's estate, who finds himself to be in love with Mary Ellis, the daughter of the bailiff, James Ellis. But as he is no more than an under-gardener Ellis is angry with him for even thinking of Mary. There is an accident when John has ascended a large cedar tree that had lost a bough in a gale, and a broken branch needed to be tidied up...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Life's; Eclipse; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 307
[texts]Brownsmith's Boy - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is an absolutely delightful book, which has most of its early action in a market garden, and then more in another one. The author is a great naturalist, and he has much to teach us about the way in which work should be done to raise fruit and vegetables to be taken to London daily for the market. Somehow that sounds boring but there is so much action entwined with these facts that they are made far from boring...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Brownsmith; Boy; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 430
[texts]The Adventures of Don Lavington - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Lindon, known as Don, is a boy in his late teens who has left school, and who lives with his mother and uncle Josiah, his father being dead, and works as a clerk in the office, the business being sugar and tobacco importation, in Bristol, England, which he does not much like. One day some money is missing from the office. It's pretty obvious who the thief is, but Uncle Josiah continues to accuse Don...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Adventures; Don; Lavington; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 340
[texts]Will of the Mill - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
A Huguenot settlement in the Derbyshire dales, in the middle of England, in the mid-nineteenth century. The Vicar's son, and the mill-owner's son are great friends. They become friends with a visiting artist, who is lodging in the house of one of the key-workers at the Mill, where they manufacture silk. The artist falls down an old mine-shaft up in the hills, and the boys find him. At home they are missed and a rescue party is sent out, and finds them all...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Will; Mill; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 222
[texts]The King's Esquires - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This excellent book is, as always with this author, a constant succession of tense moments. Dated at the beginning of the 1500s, the action starts in the Court of the King of France. He is fretting because at some time in the past, when the English ruled part of France, one of the French Crown Jewels, a beautiful ruby, was taken from France and put among the English Crown Jewels. So Francis, the King, decides on going to England on a visit to the English King, the young Henry the Eighth, finding...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; King's; Esquires; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 334
[texts]Crown and Sceptre - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
I groaned a bit when I saw that this story was about the Civil War in England, in the mid-seventeenth century. But I soon realised that it was a very good story, told in the tension-laden Fenn style. We start off in the Devon coombes (valleys near the sea) with two families that are close friends. The Markhams live at The Hall, while the Forresters live at The Manor. There are two teenage boys: Scarlett Markham and Fred Forrester...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Crown; Sceptre; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 384
[texts]Diamond Dyke - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
A most authentic-seeming book about the difficulties a pair of young Britons faced when they went to South Africa, and set up an ostrich farm in the dry and largely empty veldt. They had a married couple of the locals to help them, and of these the man wasn't much use. They also had a most sagacious dog, who figures largely in the story. One of the enemies they had to face was lions. One day they found they needed more stores, so young Dyke, barely sixteen years of age, has to go on a six or sev...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Diamond; Dyke; PDF; HTML; ZIP; TXT
Downloads: 331
[texts]Yussuf the Guide - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Lawrence is a boy in his late teens, who has consumption, which makes him feel very tired and helpless. He says one day that he would love a holiday somewhere hot and sunny. He has no relations, but there is a guardian, a local lawyer; and a doctor and a retired professor elect to go to Turkey with him, to look at the antiquities. They travel first to Greece, where they find a lot of dishonesty, in particular in the crew of the little ship in which they sail to Turkey...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Yussuf; Guide; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 394
[texts]Sail Ho! - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This appears to be one of Fenn's later novels, and is just as exciting and full of tension as are his earlier ones. The hero is a seventeen-year-old boy called Alison Dale. We have never heard of a boy called Alison before, but this one is pretty tough, and already knew a lot about seamanship even before he went to sea, on account of having often sailed in his father's large yachts. Hopefully most boys on their first cruise to sea won't have anything like the adventures that befell Master Alison...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Sail; Ho; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 365
[texts]Hollowdell Grange - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is one of Fenn's earliest books. The theme is that a boy from London goes down to stay in the country with his cousins, where the way of life is so very different, and challenging, from all that he had known in the great city. The descriptions of country life of those days are very well done, but we must make one warning--that many of the countrymen we meet in the story speak with a strong Lincolnshire accent, and the author has done his best to represent these sounds with what must very of...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Hollowdell; Grange; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 227
[texts]Jack at Sea - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
We do seem to have rather a problem with this book, because the copy we worked from had pages 15 and 16 missing (sheet was missing) and also the bottom half of pages 283 and 284 has been torn out. Eventually, when I can see another copy of the book I will be able to rectify this, but at the moment there does not seem to be a copy in sight: it doesn't even seem to be listed in the British Library Catalogue...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Jack; Sea; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 470
[texts]King o' the Beach - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This book was written just before the end of the century, when it would have been expected that travel by steamer was pretty safe. Carey, a teenage boy making his way by steamer "Chusan" to meet his parents in Australia, becomes very friendly with the ship's doctor, and also with one of the seamen, Bob Bostock. But somewhere out in the Indian Ocean he has an accident, falling from the ship's rigging, and is unconscious and possibly may not live...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; King; Beach; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 469
[texts]The Golden Magnet - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Books by George Manville Fenn are full of dreadful situations which the reader cannot see the way out of. This one is no exception, in fact we would easily say that it is one of his best. Harry goes adventuring, and with him goes Tom, a young worker at Harry's father's soap-boiling factory. Tom is wonderful. He gets Harry out of numerous dire situations, and the book would not work without him. He is down-to-earth, and full of commonsense and energy...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Golden; Magnet; PDF; HTML; ZIP; TXT
Downloads: 314
[texts]Witness to the Deed - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is indeed rather an extraordinary book, in many ways not in the usual style of Fenn, yet in others in a style that few but Fenn could rise to. One of the problems with this book is that, at least in the early chapters, there are flashbacks in the text, most unusual in the nineteenth century, though regrettably an oft-used device in the writing of today. This does make it difficult to follow the story, but you just have to push on with the work, and you will be rewarded in the end...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Witness; Deed; PDF; HTML; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 296
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